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  1. How accurate are golf simulators?
  2. How safe are golf simulators?


How accurate are golf simulators?

When you hit a golf ball outdoors, its flight is affected by many things that have nothing to do with how you hit the ball, such as changing wind currents, thermals, air density and humidity among other things. Then when it hits the ground, its bounce and roll can be distorted by terrain features, grass height and density, divots and foreign objects.

So, any outdoor shot is only an approximate depiction of how you hit the ball. You really have no way of knowing for sure how much of the result was caused by your swing and how much by environmental factors.

In a golf simulator, what you're getting is a pure mathematical representation of your shot as you actually hit it, with all the environmental influences stripped away. If you hit a second shot exactly the same way as the first, the result will be exactly the same. So, in a sense, you could say that a golf simulator is actually more accurate than playing on a course because the ball flight you see reflects exactly how you hit the ball and nothing else.

So, how accurate are the calculations? In our golf simulators, ball flight is calculated using multiple measurements taken from both the ball as it moves through the air and from the clubface orientation as it makes contact with the ball. Our sensors track club speed to within 0.0137 mph, club face angle to within 0.001 degrees, and club path to within 1.0 degree.

The formulas for the calculations are based on thousands of actual test shots done by club manufacturers and researchers, and the details (distance, carry, ball speed, club speed, club face angles, ball spin, etc.) are displayed graphically on the screen after every shot. You not only see where the ball went, but also why.

Of course, a simulator's accuracy is only as good as its measurement capability and the quality of its calculations. Only top-of-the-line golf simulators like our ProTee machines can deliver this level of accuracy.

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How safe are golf simulators?

Although we have never heard of an instance of serious injury in a golf simulator, we have to, and do, address the possibility of someone getting hit by a carelessly swung golf club.

First, even though we do use real clubs and balls, the ball itself can not inflict injury because the canopy and screen are designed to absorb the impact of the ball. There is virtually no rebound.

To guard against club injuries, we first of all staff our simulators with at least two trained attendants at all times, one inside with the player and one outside managing crowd control. Secondly, we provide a physical barrier at the simulator entrance to prevent an observer from inadvertently wandering into the area where the player is swinging the club.

Of course, we also carry full liability insurance coverage, and we can also provide a separate certificate of liability naming the client as an insured party if requested.

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