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There’s no question that Las Vegas, Nevada is a Mecca for golfers, both outdoors on our world-famous golf courses, and now indoors as well thanks to the virtual golf simulators provided by Hit A Few Golf. We specialize in renting top-of-the-line golf simulators for conventions, trade shows, receptions, hospitality suites and other corporate events in Las Vegas, and all of Nevada, as well as in the Phoenix and Los Angeles areas. Moreover, Hit A Few Golf is the only provider of high-end virtual golf simulator rentals actually based here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 Renting golf simulators is all we do at Hit A Few Golf, and we do it well. We take care of everything from delivery of the simulator(s) (we have several), to setting up the equipment, performance of the event, and takedown and removal. And we staff your event with at least two trained professionals to operate the equipment and assist the players. We’ve been doing conventions and special events here in Las Vegas and around Nevada and Arizona for many of the country’s largest corporations since 2006.

 If you’re not already familiar with playing golf indoors on a full-size virtual machine, you will find that simulator-based indoor golf has all the excitement of golf on an open fairway without the drawbacks of bad weather and slow players. We use real top-name clubs and balls, and most of our rental clients opt for a longest-drive or closest-to-the-pin contest which we provide for free to spice up their Las Vegas convention or corporate event.

 Virtual golf indoors in a typical Nevada-style convention hall or conference room setting is an exciting entertainment adventure. It’s fun. It draws crowds - both players and spectators alike. It breaks the ice at any convention or corporate event and gets everyone actively involved….. A golf simulator is the perfect social catalyst. We think you’ll find that it makes good sense to rent a high-end virtual golf simulator from Hit A Few Golf for your next indoor event in Las Vegas.     

My name is David Shields. My wife Laurie and I are the owners of Hit A Few Golf. We live in, and operate our golf simulator rental business out of our home base in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas. In 2005, we noticed that golf driving ranges were disappearing rapidly in the Las Vegas area, primarily because the price of land was so high at the time that the space could be put to better use as housing developments. By late 2005 there were over 32 golf courses in the Las Vegas valley … but only two dedicated driving ranges were left where a person could practice. That number remains the same today.

What was needed was a practice facility that did not require the ten acres or so needed for an outdoor driving range. Indoor golf simulators were the obvious answer. However, the rental rates for commercial space were also extremely high at the time, which made a large indoor golf facility a questionable business venture at best.

However, during our research on golf simulators and other virtual golf products, we also discovered that there were no vendors physically located in the Las Vegas and Phoenix areas who could rent a truly high-end golf simulator locally for the hundreds of trade shows, conventions and corporate events that were held in Las Vegas and Phoenix every year. The few golf simulators that were rented here were typically shipped in from other parts of the country at great expense. We immediately recognized a niche market that was not being filled … a unique business opportunity.

In 2006 we opened our rental business, and the rest is history. We currently carry two full-size high-end golf simulators as well as numerous putting greens, inflatable golf games, a radar gun system and several large practice nets, all of which are available for rent at any location in the Las Vegas or Phoenix areas. In fact we can easily deliver indoor golf entertainment anywhere in Arizona, Nevada or Southern California.


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